Testing Revolution Reloaded Palette

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Welcome back to my blog,

Today is October 3rd so for some if you’re a Mean Girls fan this is where the famous quote came from.

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Seeing as another Mean Girls quote is ‘ On Wednesdays We Wear Pink ‘ I thought it would be a perfect day to test out a pink palette, inspired by this day.

I am using the Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in Newtrals 2 Which you can find at Superdrug online and in-store & online at Tams Beauty.

Photo sourced from Revolutionbeauty.com

This look is a Simple Smokey Pink & Red With A Soft Pink Cut Crease. It’s super simple to do & I can do a tutorial if someone requests it.

How Good Was The Price? Affordable?

First of all the main reason I picked up this palette was due to it being only £4! You get 15 high quality and very large sized eyeshadows, so not only is it super affordable it’s also good value for money.

How Pigmented Were The Shadows?

Revolution is very well known for its quality of product even though it has a small price tag. This product definitely lived up to my expectations, the shades aren’t chalky and they blend beautifully. The glitter shades work well on their own but ten times better with a bit of setting spray on the brush, they transform to a solid pigment.

Shade Range?

As I said before with the 15 eyeshadows you get, the palette is a super versatile one. You have a decent number of transition shades, a white which is key to set a cut crease & deeper colours to create a smokier eye. The colours allow you to create multiple looks and are super autumnal, so perfect for this time of year. The glitters also work so well with the shade range and compliment most looks.

Would You Recommend?

Without a doubt. You can’t go wrong with this palette, it’s super versatile working as a day and night palette and it’s only £4! They do a couple of others from the same sort of style that are the same price, I’m going to be sure to check them out.

Rating: 5/5

The only thing I would have wished for with this product would have been a black/deeper brown in order to really deepen the look.

Finished look

Thank you for reading!

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