NYC + End Of Summer

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Welcome back to my blog,

This summer has gone so fast and I’m gutted to say it’s finally over. It has literally been the best. I’ve travelled to so many places, making memories and new friends. Achieved 3 A levels with grades that I never thought I could achieve ( I’m as shocked as you ) and finally started my adventure at Fashion Retail Academy. Everything is changing and I’m so glad about it, I’ve always wanted to be in London and it’s now become a reality.

This post is going to be a photo diary of my trip to NYC and cruising around America, city style and little things we did on the holiday. I hope you enjoy seeing what I got up to.

* All outfits will be linked to my 21Buttons*

Day 1: Times Square911 Memorial

Empire State & Exploring Cruise’s First Formal NightBoston, United States Of America Portland, United States Of AmericaBar Harbor, MaineSecond Formal NightLast Nights On The ShipNew York & Empire State Building

Central Park

Final Days & The Best People Ever

Hope you enjoyed the round up of my trip, I could not have asked for better people to spend it with. I’m already looking at flights back to NYC, it’s as incredible as it seems❤️

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