Festival Lookbook 

Welcome back to my blog,

Firstly, sorry I have been so inactive, I have been so busy recently. One of the reasons being that I went to Boardmasters Festival 2017. The festival lasted 4 days and was right on the edge of the coast, so I picked outfits I thought were suited to “hot weather”. The weather whilst we were down there was hit and miss. Some days were sunny and some it rained – however I didn’t think about the breeze from the sea. My whole body completely burnt even though I was absolutely freezing! 

Today I am going to show you some of the looks I created, with the products and outfits I put together. The links will all be below the description for you to purchase! I absolutely love covering everything in GLITTER and SPARKLES… so you can imagine how much I enjoy festival season. The holy grail necessities I took with me are featured in the image below. The cosmetics are from a range of brands and I have absolutely fallen in love with them. All high quality products, that are easily accessible and at affordable drugstore prices. You can purchase these yourself, through the links below.

Eyeshadow Palette

Blue Iridescent Highlight


My first look was my favourite out of all of them – my makeup and outfit was well thought out. As shown as the feature image, my outfit was a bright and bold two piece from Missguided. I love everything about this outfit, the boho pattern/style and the tight figure hugging scuba material. It was incredibly comfy and easy to wear. 

Missguided top
Missguided Skirt 

Missguided has Free delivery when you spend £40 and a student discount, so it’s perfect for everyone in my position. 

Missguided Website

The earrings I am wearing are from boohoo, but unfortunately I lost one. Still, I absolutely adored these so I will be purchasing again. 

boohoo Earings

Another of my outfits was a two piece, this time it was from boohoo. With this outfit I went for the same sort of boho style again with the bright pattern and tassels. I loved the fit of this set as well, it hugged the right parts. It was meant for a ‘beach cover up’ but if you dress it with skin coloured underwear you can’t see through it.  

boohoo Two Piece 
boohoo Earings 

boohoo offers super saver delivery and also a student discount, so again amazing when on a budget. 

Thank you for reading, I look forward to being able to create more posts and get back on track. I would also  love to get social with you guys and be able to get to know you more, if you see this comment you Twitter/Instagram down. Mine are listed and linked below as always.

Twitter: Lucieseviour Instagram: Lucieseviour



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