100 Followers And The Future 


Welcome back to my blog,

Thank you so much for all your support and love ever since I started blogging. Recently I hit 100 followers, I know this is a small milestone but in my eyes it’s the start of something big! 

This has led me to think about my future and what Career I would like to have when I’m older. Seeing as I am finishing my first year of sixth form it is time for me to decide whether I would like to go to university next year. 

Recently I visited open day for The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), dedicated to courses in the creative industry. The campus was modern and intimate with a welcoming environment, the links between the different courses gave the sense it was a close community rather than a university. 

The course I am most interested in taking at University would be along the lines of Fashion branding and communicationfocusing on the media and digital side of the fashion industry. This course incorporates photography and film, with the theory of building brands and understanding the world of fashion. The work of the current and previous students on display at the university was incredible, it showed the complete induviduality of each of them and demonstrated the work that I would love to be able to create. 

This blog is something that incorporates everything I’m interested in, from the photography to piecing the posts together and the attention to detail paid when editing and finishing each one. The path I want to go down in life, features most of the skills demonstrated in my blog and further in the Fashion branding and communication course. Ideally, I would like to work for a fashion magazine either in an editorial, marketing or PR style role (Ugly Betty style).

To be able to gain a place in university studying this course I will have to work very hard in order to achieve the entry requirements, but it is something that interests me so greatly and would hopefully enable me to achieve my dream job. At the moment the prospect of Uni is daunting, leaving home and entering a completely new environment throws me off a lot. With the amount of interest in the course, I hope it will help me to change my mind and go for something I’ve always wanted! 

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me with my blog, it means the world!! 

I would love to know what your dream Jobs are and if any of you are going or studying at uni, what course you are doing! 

61 thoughts on “100 Followers And The Future 

  1. Congrats on 100!! This is actually a big deal! Each time you have a new accomplishment and reach a new milestone with blogging is always something to look forward. It just means you’re that much closer to 200 and then 500 and then 1000, and so many more after that! Love your blog layout, design, and mission!

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  2. Congratulations.

    Have you looked into London College of Fashion or Central
    Saint Martins? Having graduated from University of Arts
    London, & my X winning the L’Oreal Womenswear Award @
    Graduate Fashion Week I can tell you half of the battle in
    Fashion is being in London. Students get their foot in the
    door from the first & second year doing internships & even
    during foundation I was dressing at London Fashion Week.
    The fashion world is all about Location Location Location.

    I had friends in Bournemouth & friends from Bournemouth,
    but they all came to London after they did their GCSEs & A
    Levels. Once you graduate you are in a pool of thousands
    of other graduates looking to secure the same jobs, while
    the students already living in London are miles ahead in the
    game, mixing with editors & stylists & models out & about.
    Not to say talent isn’t respected & hard work rewarded, but
    the fashion world is a lot more about your industry contacts.
    Bournemouth has great facilities but none of the networking.

    While at Uni I was helping students with fashion shoots,
    doing graphic design & working at magazines long before
    I even finished my course, so about 80% of my work was
    fashion focused, none of these opportunities would have
    been possible if I wasn’t studying in London to be honest.
    Also the peer group you go to school with will have a HUGE
    impact on your career going forward, so you want to be
    surrounded by the best, as they will be the people you
    progress in the industry as the years go by, & fashion is
    very cliquey, so making those bonds at school are important.

    Hope this is some constructive information for you to consider,
    you are already leaps & bounds ahead of where I was when
    I started at Uni, (Lifestyle & Fashion blogging wasn’t even a
    thing, so your personal brand already gives you an advantage
    when you apply through UCAS!) All the best in your adventure.

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    1. Thank you so much for your advice! This has been extremely helpful and I am seriously in need of a path to follow, it is much appreciated and has helped me to consider London even more! I will take this all on board when I consider which Uni’s to apply for, have a lovely week😊 xx

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  3. I’ve just entered my 2nd year studying Biology at uni (so a little different from you haha) but I LOVE it!! I was apprehensive about starting uni, but it’s honestly the best experience of my life so far! It’s so interesting and you meet so many different people from lots of different backgrounds. Good luck with getting on this course, it sounds like you have the passion and dedication for it and thats the main thing xx

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    1. You make it sound so amazing, thank you so much for your help and insight into uni life! I hope you continue to have an amazing experience whilst you’re there😊 also thank you for being my 300 follower😂😉 xxx

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